You ony live once - at the most

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You are viewing the personal web site of Andreas Hotea. This site is intended to be a sandbox/showcase for a personal web site. This is my medium to try out new features and play with new ideas. I will display pictures and videos which I have captured in the past, also some Photoshop work done for myself, some friends and customers of Hotea Solutions. Please feel free to contact me with feedback and/or suggestions. Hope you enjoy it. ... and just like for most of us - my web site is always 'under construction'. That is why you may find inconsistent design patterns across this web site.

Example 1: This Web-page looks different whether is is displayed on a 'regular' screen, on a tablet screen or on a smartphone screen, though it has only one html code. It takes advantage of conditional includes (media queries) for CSS3 files depending on the screen size. While the big screens show bigger pictures and quotes on the bottom of the page, the tablet screen shows smaller pictures (even different pictures) and no quotes, and the smartphones show different (bigger) buttons, no pictures and no quotes. Using this design, only the important information is displayed and tailored to the size of the display.

Funny and/or interesting quotes

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